steve gregg

Steve's passion for Fitness came at an early age. Growing up his Father was always into some form of working out which inspired him to become active through Sports and Training and watching Shows about working out and studying the body and how it works. Nothing inspires him more than to motivate others to achieve results for themselves and to see them grow as an individual and to reach the goals that have set.

Steve moved back to the Central Pa area in 2007 and was training clients out of the larger Gyms and realized that there's a need for a more Personal approach to training clients that he decided to venture out on his own and founded Core Results Personal Training by the Summer of 2009. Since then the Business continues to grow as his passion for the industry continues with that growth. If he's not training clients he's training himself or working on Healthy recipes and studying the Martial Arts in which he holds several blackbelts and currently holds certifications as both a Personal Trainer and a Lifestyle Nutrition Coach.